Infection Malware Virus Removal and Fix




If your website is hacked or have been injected with malware. I’ll remove malware and virus from your website and will make it secure.

Detailed Scan of all Website Files

Full Site Security Audit

Security Enhancements

Blacklist Removal

Database Optimisation & Cleanup


Brute Force Attack Prevention

Detailed Cleanup Report

*You will receive an additional 60 days of support for any malware or viruses that may return to your website (commonly from shared hosting server)*

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Infection Malware Cleanup Service Details

  • I’ll not require any extra cost to speed up your site
  • Your cleanup will be started immediately
  • I will work diligently on your site until it is clean
  • I will provide you with details of everything I complete to clean and secure your site
  • I will show you proof that your site is clean and free of infection
  • If you are blacklisted, I will make sure that gets removed as part of this service

*Most websites are hosted on a shared server with other sites. If these other sites get infected your site can as well. So even after I complete my cleanup, it could come back but I will clean it out again for you at no additional cost*

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