Qualities of the Entrepreneurial Mindset

 In Entrepreneurship

Not every entrepreneur wants to create the next Uber. Not every entrepreneur wants to take investor money. And not every entrepreneur wants to sell their company. Truth be told, everyone has a different end game.
Do all entrepreneurs possess these qualities?

Qualities of the Entrepreneur Mindset:

  • More comfortable with risks
  • Thinks how to scale on a bigger level
  • Very picky about how to spend time
  • Stops attending events with no much ROI
  • Stops bad and unnecessary company/talk
  • Gets a leadership position
  • Thinks to be an owner instead of just being a skilled worker
  • Have bigger missions in the world than just paying the bills
  • Becomes more conscious in term of how to utilize business to solve problems in the world
  • Think to solve real-world problems rather than just to earn money
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