Phonics & Reading

Spring Hill Academy has been serving the families of our community for more than a decade.  We use proven, time-tested phonics based programs to teach children to read…before kindergarten!  

Here’s a message from our co-founder, Perry Coghlan, on our use of phonics with young children:

The Opportunity of a Lifetime
As I sit here writing this article I am listening to a little girl who has been enrolled in our Preschool for about two years. She just turned five. She is waiting for her mom to come get her because of a fever. As she waits she is looking over the seatwork from her class this morning since she cannot be in the class. She is also sounding out and reading aloud words like snail, dime, rose, and tube, tail, nine, hose, and mule. May I say she’s doing it quite well and easily!

We live in a world that has very low expectations for very young children. Sad, but true. We should have high expectations for them. God has created little boys and girls to learn lots of stuff, and retain it, if you do several things:

(1) Convince them you love them,
(2) convince them they are having fun,
(3) be patient with them, and
(4) teach them well.

Because children have a God-given natural enthusiasm to learn it is easy for them to learn. That enthusiasm is like a coal, still slowly burning in a fire. If you fan the existing embers, the right way, it will become a roaring fire. Teach children to read early, using a centuries old method called Systematic Intensive Phonics, and you will create a roaring “fire” of enthusiasm and excitement in the lives of very young children and give them a foundation of confidence for learning that can increase, over the years, if they continue to be taught well by teachers who love what they are teaching! We know because we have seen it for many, many years.

Our method for teaching very young children to read isn’t unique to us, and wasn’t created by us. It is as old as this country, dates back to the Puritans and later Noah Webster. Heard of the Noah Webster’s “Blue-backed Speller”? It was used to teach and untold number of American children to read well, that is until the early 20th century when Progressives like John Dewey destroyed our reading curriculum. And so it continues in the government schools to this day. Phony phonics, as is often presented in the government school is not true instruction in Phonics. Come to our Preschool and we’ll show you the difference!

Please watch this video with co-founder Rev. Perry Coghlan and two students, showing the power of phonics-based curriculum.

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