Our Staff

Our success is a direct result of our team effort and commitment to the providing the best in Christian education and Christian character training for each and every precious student enrolled in Spring Hill Academy Preschool.

We enjoy the benefits of a common vision and a staff team that has a long term tenure at Spring Hill Academy Preschool.

All our staff undergo TBI background checks, all references are checked and verified, they undergo drug screening and all staff are CPR/First Aid certified.

We are proud to introduce our faculty and staff…

SHAP_042116_8002Patsy Coghlan


Patsy Coghlan serves as the Director of Spring Hill Academy Preschool. She began her career as an educator early on with homeschooling beginning in 1985. Her love for teaching led her to classroom teaching for many years then she moved into an Administrator role in Christian education in 2004.

She is the co-founder and Director of Spring Hill Academy Preschool where she happily serves her staff and students. Mrs. Coghlan has been married for close to 42 years and has six children and 18 grandchildren. She and her family have lived in Spring Hill since 2000.

SHAP_042116_8016Perry Coghlan


Reverend Perry Coghlan serves as the Headmaster of Spring Hill Academy Preschool and Spring Hill Academy Elementary school. In 2004 Rev. Coghlan’s vision for quality, early childhood Christian education came to fruition with the birth of Spring Hill Academy, located in Spring Hill TN.

Rev. Coghlan has a degree from Wesley in Jackson, Miss and is studying for his masters and doctorate from Whitefield Theological in Lakeland, FL. His dedication to the school is shadowed only by his devotion to his family.  On May 14th, 2012, he will celebrate 41 years of marriage to his wife Patsy Coghlan who serves as the Director of Spring Hill Academy Preschool.

SHAP_042116_8017Julie Jones


Ms. Jones has worked at SHAP for over 7 years and is certified in early childhood training by TCTA. She has attended workshops on early childhood at Pensacola Christian College and has taught the ABeka curriculum for over 13 years. She, with her sons, are a member of The People’s Church in Spring Hill. She enjoys spending time with her children, reading, watching good movies, and baking in her free time




BriSHAP_042116_8014Anna Bradshaw






SHAP_042116_8010Sarah Boyd

Mrs. Boyd has worked at SHAP for over eight years. She is married to Geoff Boyd and their daughter Maddie attends the pre-school. She loves to teach and have lots of fun with her class.



SHAP_042116_8005Deborah Hedrick

I have been at this school for six years. I’m so blessed to work in a Christian school that teaches the children the Bible. I teach the little ones. To see their faces and hear the sounds when they get the letters; it is such a blessing.

This school is amazing!

SHAP_042116_8001Benjamin Coghlan





Elizabeth GrishamSHAP_042116_8003

SHAP_042116_8004Rita Mays

SHAP_042116_8006Brianna Schultz

SHAP_042116_8007Destiny Thompson

SHAP_042116_8008Jessica McClellan

SHAP_042116_8009MacKenzie Baker

SHAP_042116_8011Valarie Marcoullier

SHAP_042116_8012Abigail Coghlan

SHAP_042116_8013Valierie Medders