What makes Spring Hill Academy Preschool different from other daycares and preschools?

A typical daycare is mostly professional babysitting, or “playcare.” Because our culture has a very low view of young children, it has very low expectations for their development. When, fact, the opposite is true. God has created young child with an amazing ability to learn and retain large amounts of information is you do two things: (1) convince them you love them and, (2) make learning fun! Spring Hill Academy Preschool challenges its students to reach higher and learn more. Because we build the children’s enthusiasm and confidence, they respond with more of both. Thus, Spring Hill Academy Preschool is structured more like a school than typical daycare/playcare.

What kind of results are you getting?

Amazing, breathtaking outcomes. Our students love to learn. Most parents recognize that their children are like sponges. They are made by God to soak up information in astonishing fashion. We recognize the two prerequisites for young children to learn well are (1) convince children you love them and (2) make learning fun! Spring Hill Academy Preschool understands this and takes advantage. We start instructing even our 2 year olds during daily classes. Using the international known A-Beka Christian curriculum Spring Hill Academy Preschool students begin learning and reading at an early age. They are also being instructed in aspects of history, language arts, science, art and crafts, music, Spanish, and Bible.

How young do you enroll children?

In what way are you a Christian Preschool?

Spring Hill Academy Preschool was founded by Christians, is directed by Christians, and is taught by an all-Christian staff of prayerfully hired teachers. Although we are nondenominational, we hold to a conservative set of beliefs about God and the Bible, His Word. (See our Statement of Faith at our website: www.shapreschool.com). We practice our faith at Spring Hill Academy Preschool by teaching our students Bible stories, building virtue and godly character, praying before meals, and singing songs about God.

How do you discipline?

We recognize that the concept of “discipline” means training and discipleship. We love all our children and understand nor expect them to be perfect. When they misbehave, we correct them lovingly but firmly. They may have to spend some time in time out. If misbehavior persists we meet with the parents so that they can be fully informed and we can all work together to correct the misbehavior.

Is your center licensed?

Spring Hill Academy Preschool is licensed by the Tennessee Department of Education and a member school of the Tennessee Association of Christian Schools. Spring Hill Academy Preschool meets and exceeds all state requirements.