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7 Tips to raising Healthy Boys

Raising children is a challenge for all parents. Recognizing the unique challenges between raising boys and girls is important. Dr. Meg Meeker highlights some vital points to remember. 1.  Know how to encourage your son. One fault is babying and spoiling him. But another is being so harsh that you lose communication with your son and destroy his sense of self-worth. We’ll look at how

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Low Expectations and Missed Opportunities

As I sit here writing this article I am listening to a little girl who has been enrolled in our Preschool for about two years. She just turned five. She is waiting for her mom to come get her because she has a fever. As she waits, she is looking over the seatwork from her class this morning. With excitement in her voice she

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Enroll in Kindergarten Now to Save More than $2,200

You Can Save More than $2,200 on our Early KINDERGARTEN ENROLLMENT We are now enrolling for Kindergarten for the 2015-16 school year. SHAP families can save MORE THAN $2,200 by enrolling in our Kindergarten by April 1, 2015. Any current preschool student who is five years old by August 15, 2015 is eligible for our Kindergarten program.  All current preschool students who enroll by

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