About Us

Spring Hill Academy Preschool is known for the outstanding program we offer our preschoolers.

Our school’s success  is due in part to their belief that a child’s learning begins long before they enter kindergarten and their years of formal education.

We understand the importance of early foundational training and the powerful influence it has on a child’s life long term. Rather than compartmentalize by age or administrative systems, we believe the proper viewpoint is to acknowledge learning in every aspect of a child’s life because learning and character building is a continuous, lifelong process.

Our preschool opened our doors to the community in 2004 and we have continued year after year to have an impressive success rate of equipping our students to be able to read before they start kindergarten.

We specialize in accelerated early childhood training approaches that include:

  • Music appreciation
  • The Abekca Phonetic Mastery Reading program
  • Christian character training
  • Art projects
  • Traditional math
  • Spanish
  • Old Fashion fun & games and more

Spring Hill Academy Preschool is a non-denominational Christian preschool and members of the Tennessee Association of Christian Schools. Our motto is…Childhood is not a dress rehearsal!

Take a tour of Spring Hill Academy Preschool below: