Monthly Archives: March 2015

Parents…Read to Your Children

Good stories are captivating, especially for young children. Well told stories are powerful. There is a reason that all of us, at some point, can be captivated by the power of a well told story. We are made for story. We are a living story even as we witness the writing of our own story AND because we are part of a greater story.

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Save On Toddler Care!

SAVE OVER $500 PER YEAR ON TODDLER CARE Register for our Toddler Care Class (The Teddy Bears) by April 1, 2015 and SAVE OVER $500 Due to the many, many requests from our parents, we are opening a TODDLER CARE CLASS for children 18 to 24 month old. SPACE is VERY, VERY Limited. Our target date is to begin June 1st, 2015.  The hours

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